We are so pleased you are interested in joining us for one of our classes.

We are currently offering online group classes and sessions.

Private sessions are face-to-face unless an online session is requested.

Below is an example of the classes that we offer.

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    Meditation Class (Online)

    A free weekly meditation class to focus on the Self, and  to go deeper within.

    The class includes a mixture of guided and unguided practices, as well as help and advice on how to let go, surrender and release egoic control.

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    Restorative Yoga (Online)

    This restorative class is very gentle to heal your body, cleanse your energy, calm your mind, bring positive emotions and relieve stress.

    The movements and poses are gentle and nurturing.

  • Grounded Stretch Yoga

    Grounded Stretch Yoga (Online)

    In this relaxing and nourishing class, the focus will be on opening up the body: hips, shoulders, neck and hamstrings. The majority of the class will be spent on the floor, really grounding into the mat and connecting with the earth.

  • Deep Stretch Yoga

    Deep Stretch Energy Flow (Online)

    This class is all about stretching and moving the body in order to clear energetic pathways and enable the pure movement of prana. 

    It is also a great way to build flexibility and release tension.

  • Energy Flow Yoga

    Energy Flow Yoga (Online)

    An invigorating energy building class, focusing on prana flow and strength.

    This class is designed to get the energy moving through the body, helping with alignment and flexibility.

  • Chakra Yoga

    Chakra Yoga Flow (Online)

    In this class, the focus is on opening the seven chakras, strengthening prana flow and circulating positive energy. All levels welcome.

  • Self Massage

    Self Massage Energy Flow (Online)

    In this unique class, you can learn many different self-massage techniques to nurture and protect the body, de-age and de-stress and treat yourself to some 'me' time.

    Massage is a great way to heal and nurture the body.

  • Private Session

    Private Session

    A private session with Yoko or Richard.

    Please note that private sessions are now face-to-face.

    If you would like to arrange an online session, that is also possible

  • Yoga Nidra

    Prana Yoga Nidra (Online)

    In this rejuvenating Prana Nidra class, the focus is on deep postures and energy alignment, before guided mediation helps you to sink into the deep bliss of pure awareness.

    The class consists of two parts, movement and meditation.

  • Cardio Yoga

    Cardi-Yoga Flow (Online)

    In this Cardi-Yoga class, there will be lots of movement to raise the heart rate, increase cardio, and get the blood flowing.

    This is a challenging class.

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