All of our group classes are currently online only.

We are now offering face-to-face private sessions.


Please check our Booking Page to see ​our timetable or our Classes Page to see our current offerings.

  • Healing

    Healing is the purpose of Pingala.

    We use techniques such as reiki, meditation and Yoga as well as dietary advice.

  • Yoga

    Regular Yoga practice can have a profound effect. We teach a variety of different styles.

  • Meditation

    Meditation is an amazing tool for self-realisation. 

    We teach many techniques at Pingala.

  • Treatments

    Our treatments include: massage, reflexology and energy work.

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    Food For Health

    Healthy diet can be transformative for health and vitality. At Pingala we teach cooking classes, and give personal dietary advice.

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Clifton, Bristol, U.K.

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