• Yoko

Bhakti Class

Hi everyone. We’ve opened a new ‘Qi-Gong & Meditation’ class on zoom. This class was made especially for Anne who is living in Victoria, Australia, one of the strictest lockdown areas in the world.

I learned the word Bhakti* a long time ago, and I understand the meaning as “devotional service” but recently I felt the pure essence of the word inside my heart.

People are getting tired of arguing what to believe, true or false, amongst others, friends and family. We need to respect each others deeper state. These negative, conflicting emotions create disease (Dis-Ease) and take your motivation, trust and love. So many people have become depressed and hopeless. We need ease and inner guidance to heal us.

This Qigong and Meditation class is very gentle to heal your body, cleanse your energy, calm your mind, bring positive emotions and relieve stress. There is no intense movement and you don’t need a yoga mat either; just move your joints, clear your energy and breathe for 30 minutes followed by a simple meditation together for 15 minutes. If you don’t want to take the meditation, you don’t have to.

The class is 45 minutes and only £5, but If you can’t afford it, please let us know. We want this class to be for everyone. To be honest I am struggling with my finances, but this is not coming from my ego. This is my way of Bhakti.

For someone who can’t find motivation, is feeling too much stress, needs good community, has issues in the body, is looking for healthy living or has limited space, you are most welcome.

The class is for any age, and any ability, including advanced practitioners.

I learned many things from my friends and the beautiful nature in Australia. We hope this class connects Australia, Britain, and other countries. It starts at 11am in the UK, 8pm in Australia every Sunday. Join us and share our positive energy.


*Bhakti means the path of loving devotion to a particular god or deity, which, it is believed, leads to salvation or nirvana. When one expresses true devotion, he/she is selfless in his/her desire to please the beloved.