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About Our Malas

At Pingala, we also include carefully selected semi-precious stones to enhance the properties of the Mala, whether they are being used as jewellery or for chanting. The beads are connected, along with a hand-made tassel with a silk thread. The silk is treated with floral water, and the Malas are smudged using sage in a clean and pure environment. They also include a handmade bag for storage or carrying.

A Mala (garland/necklace) is a traditional Indian tool used in meditation and mantra practice (reciting of traditional prayers). 

Traditionally, beads such as Rudraksha, Tulsi or Sandalwood are used in Malas, as they have their own specific metaphysical and mythological properties. 


Each Mala contains 108 beads. 108 is a sacred number in Hinduism and many other cultures, relating to numerological and astrological ancient wisdom. Each Mala also has a tassel and a head bead called the guru or sumeru bead.


Every part of our Malas are designed and created by one person; Yoko Kayano. Yoko is a Yogi and meditation practitioner, and her Malas are made with love and pure intention. She knows from first-hand experience the power of meditation and chanting, and the profound effects that Malas can have on the wellbeing and spiritual growth of the wearer.

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