2 Jul 2020

A while ago I wrote a blog entry called 'Oil - Natures Miracle', discussing the importance of oiling the body and its many health properties. Oil is indeed a wondrous gift from nature and so beneficial to well-being, so as a follow-up, I wanted to talk about some of th...

27 Jun 2020

We had powerful days during the summer solstice and new moon last weekend. Some people felt strong emotions come out, physical pain or strange feelings. 

At Pingala Holistic Healing, we had a ceremony for the summer solstice, in which we thanked the sun for abundance, a...

12 Jun 2020

I got a couple of good questions from a wise person in my chakra yoga class, and I’d like to share them with anyone who can benefit from them. 

In the class, we focus a lot on opening the body and the chakras, and we also circulate energy. After class I was asked if ope...

1 Jun 2020

It’s time to enjoy the sun. The sun is essential for us in many ways; for vitamin D, killing bacteria, light and wave healing, stress relief, improving sleep and mood, and increasing Ojas.

I always write my stories based on my own experiences or my intuition. While livi...

25 May 2020

Firstly I would like to say thank you beautiful ladies who joined my classes on Friday.

During this uncertain time, less people are joining the classes. It’s difficult for me but i understand very much. 

Thankfully still a few wise people keep taking my lessons and give...

17 May 2020

It was my unique idea to create a ‘Self Massage Energy Flow Class’ which combines self massage with some energy exercises. It was probably a bit too unique, so it was difficult to make it happen, but I pushed strongly because I thought it would be really useful and nou...

28 Apr 2020

I have been teaching online group yoga lessons for over a month, and we changed the level and time length of a few classes. 

My speciality is seeing the energy flow inside of the body.

It is a great gift but also a curse because I can feel really uncomfortable if the ene...

16 Apr 2020

I wrote ‘Bone positions can change’ in my blog on 6th October 2019, and also about how my private student managed to change her feet in the last blog. How important it is to correct our body and mind’s alignment and how easy it is to let our body and minds slip into a...

12 Apr 2020

For a few months, I have been working on and teaching detox in spring time. Mine was done. It was an uncomfortable time of course, a few spots on my face and my weak parts hurt etc. Anyway I am so glad to pass the heavy spring detox and I feel lighter and cleaner. Rich...

2 Apr 2020



Meg is o...

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