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Yoko's diary

I moved from Japan a couple of years ago to start Pingala Holistic Healing with Richard in England. I had already been teaching Yoga, Ayurveda and holistic therapies in Japan, but wanted to join Richard in the UK.

We were looking for a place to open our business, and I’d just started teaching Yoga in a friend’s studio, when, after a few months, the lockdown started.

We began teaching yoga and meditation at home through Zoom. It’s been taking a long time to build numbers, but over time, I’ve attracted really beautiful clients and we trust each other.

I’ve actually been teaching yoga, meditation, healthy lifestyle, cooking and energy work since 2008, but in this country I’ve only just started, so I’m not well known. (about us)

One day, one of my beautiful clients asked me about my Ayurvedic cooking lessons. She saw it in my instagram feed, and became very interested.

I used to teach healthy cooking in Japan, and, after Yoga classes I would serve a healthy lunch. I also taught a very popular event; a Yoga, meditation and cooking workshop.

She was really interested in my work and keen on this workshop, so I promised her that someday we can do it, because my meals are really tasty and very beneficial.

The meals are usually Ayurvedic vegan or vegetarian, but that doesn’t mean I push people to become vegan.

So why do I teach healthy cooking? There are several reasons: First it’s very beneficial for the body; second, it’s really delicious; third it’s very good for the environment, and finally, you can incorporate healthy cooking into your life without much effort.

I believe, if you think you have to eat healthy or vegetarian food all the time, it can be very stressful and actually stop you from eating healthily. This is not good for your body and mind, but at the same time, you have to know what is healthy. The most important thing is; if you eat good, nutritious, healthy food, you won’t crave foods that are bad for you. Instead, you will instinctively know what is good for your body and mind. This is very important to understand.

I’ve been to many vegan and vegetarian restaurants, and tried many different dishes, but I have a confidence that my cooking is easiest and tastiest! That’s why I really want to share my expertise with anyone who wants to learn. link; food for health

If we do offer this type of workshop or lesson in the future, we need a lot of help and enough people to sign up. If you are interested please let us know, and if we do it, we’ll send you the information.

It would be great if you could join us for this.



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