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Yoga can help you connect with your true self and heal your body from the inside out.

At Pingala, we teach an alignment focused Yoga style, which improves energy flow, health, posture and vitality.

Although we draw on a variety of Yoga traditions, the yoga we teach at Pingala has evolved organically through years of teaching practice and an intuitive understanding of how to make a real difference to peoples lives through yoga and energy work. Our teachings are very much rooted in the essence of authentic yogic practice, and the original teachings of the yoga masters.

Because our yoga is focused on alignment and energy flow, it has the potential to have a drastic change on a person's life. 

If you have any questions about our classes or style of yoga, please contact us for more information.

Please note that all of our group classes are currently online and use the Zoom platform.

For face-to-face classes, we recommend checking our events page for upcoming workshops, or booking a private session.

Below are the classes that we are currently offering. They are ordered from the most gentle and relaxing to the most active.


  • Self Massage Energy Flow

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Gentle Yoga

  • Deep Stretch Energy Flow Yoga



Self Massage Energy Flow

In this class you will learn many  techniques for self-massage, including; Qi-massage, abhyanga, reflexology, lymphatic and acupressure.

There is a focus on self-nurturing and healing the body through the use of energy work. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn techniques to heal yourself.

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Restorative Yoga

This is our most passive and relaxing Yoga class.

This deeply meditative class allows for the opening of the body through gentle movement and holding of postures, and also includes a focus on opening and strengthening the chakras.

This class is ideal if you would like to relax your body and allow for healing and regeneration.

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Gentle Yoga

This gentle class will help you to open the body and improve energy flow and alignment.

The class is very foundational in the style of Yoga that we teach, but is open to all levels, and is very grounding.

The poses are mainly on the floor, allowing for postural focus and tension release.

This class is recommended for newcomers to Yoga practice.

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Deep Stretch Energy Flow Yoga

This is our most dynamic class, and helps to improve alignment and energy flow.

We have three classes a week, which usually focus on the following areas:

Thursday ~ Nurturing and energy work.

How to go deeper within poses.

Friday ~ Foundation and energy alignment.

Opening up the body.

Sunday ~ Upbeat energy flow.

Stimulating the body, increasing heart rate and improving circulation.

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We also offer personal Yoga tuition. With private classes, Yoko can work closely with you to make major changes to your posture, alignment, strength and flexibility. This offers an authentic teacher~student relationship and can lead to a deep and profound improvement in your practice.

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