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Alignment - The Key to Health and Vitality

At Pingala, we place a huge amount of emphasis on the importance of correct alignment within the body; in fact, this is so important, that we would call it the cornerstone for good health and vitality. In this blog I want to talk about why correct alignment is so important, and how we can help you to improve your alignment and posture to make positive changes in your life.

Why is Correct Alignment So Important for Overall Health and Wellbeing?

Let’s begin with the effects of incorrect body alignment and the kinds of issues that years of bad postural habits and poor energy circulation can have on an individual. Incorrect alignment fundamentally increases imbalance within the body. It can exponentially increase the risk of injury - particularly when practicing any form of exercise. Poor alignment also makes the body feel older, as alignment equates to energy flow within the body. When energy flow (known as Prana in India or Qi in China) is impaired, disease, increased ageing, weakness and debility become far more prevalent. Energy circulation, blood circulation, and the lymphatic system all depend on good alignment, posture and good movement. This is not just limited to the body by the way - a good flow of Prana or Qi improves every level of your being from the inside out. It is truly transformative.

In the gallery below, you can see the effect of our approach, as energy lines are clear and visible. Alignment, balance, posture and strength are all clearly evident, and this leads to a powerful and effective practice.

It is our belief that the vast majority of Yoga teachers do not focus on alignment to the extent that they should, and, in most cases, are simply not knowledgable about it. This is why we believe that the Yoga and energy work we offer at Pingala, particularly when working one-to-one and in small groups, is so different and so beneficial. While the basis of our work utilises Yoga, we also incorporate elements of Qi Gong, energy work and chakra alignment. All of these tools collectively help to clear energetic blocks within the body and improve alignment.

What are the Overall Benefits?

Increased energy levels, improved circulation, better health, greater balance, improved coordination, rejuvenation, a clearer mind, healthier skin, and even brighter eyes. All of these things can and do regularly occur within our students.

At Pingala, Yoko can notice immediately if someone is focusing on alignment in their practice or not. While taking a Yoga pose, when alignment is correct, the whole body is activated and you can feel power within that particular posture - the posture itself is complete unto itself. Conversely, without correct alignment, you would need lots of movement and physical exercise to get the same effect, and even then posture and alignment would be compromised, so it would be impossible to get the same level of benefit. This means that the type of practice we utilise is very concentrated and much more effective than modern, conventional Yoga classes, where flow tends to be the dominant factor, and form and alignment (the most important aspects) take a backseat.

While Yoko’s classes might look gentle, students build a great amount of heat and feel extremely energised. Focusing in on the fundamentals is truly transformational.

The Most Beneficial Classes

We believe that private alignment classes are the most beneficial classes we offer, because everyone has their own physical patterns that need to be managed and corrected. With regular practice and focused attention, transformation of the body, mind and spirit can occur. Alignment work also aids introspection and meditation, as it becomes easier and more comfortable to sit for longer periods of time, and the free flow of energy means that pain is lessened greatly or even eliminated completely in many cases.

We really believe that we have the ability to help you, regardless of your level of health, mobility and flexibility. We are confident that even other Yoga teachers would benefit from our focus. If you would like to book a private alignment Yoga class, or a group session, please make a booking here. We are also offering regular workshops for those who would like to join.

We really look forward to seeing you soon.



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