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All of our group classes are currently online only.

We are now offering face-to-face private sessions.


Please check our Booking Page to see ​our timetable or our Classes Page to see our current offerings.

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Private Sessions

Personal treatments include: 

massage, reflexology, Yoga, 

life-coaching, dietary advice 

and energy work.

Working one-to-one can have a transformative effect on your life.

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At Pingala, we teach an alignment focused Yoga style, which improves energy flow, health, posture and vitality.

We believe our style of Yoga can have a profound effect on your life.

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Cooking and Diet

A good diet can be transformative for health and vitality.


At Pingala we teach cooking classes, and give personal dietary advice.

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Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive healing therapy that involves the laying on of hands and energy work.

At Pingala we offer Reiki from a certified, Japanese Reiki therapist.

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