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About Us

Yoko is an intuitive artist, healer, shaman, yogi and mystic. She draws from the elements and the natural world around her to channel creative and healing energy and help those with whom she comes into contact.

She is deeply in tune with nature and uses this connection to bring balance and harmony to the world.

Following health issues, she was drawn to self healing through diet, Yoga and conscious living. She healed herself completely and this led her on the path to become a healer of others. She has always been an enthusiastic artist, and uses her gifts of imagination to see and manifest images from the spiritual and akashic realms.

Yoko has an innate ability to see energy flow within a person, and, through correct alignment and posture correction, can help prana to flow freely within each unique individual. This gift has led to breakthrough work with students in many countries.

“When Prana flows, the spirit shines.” Yoko.

Richard is an artist, shaman and Yogi, who is deeply influenced by the beauty of the natural world and the sounds of nature. He is also a crystal healer, who uses the power and frequency of stones as a magnifier and balancer of his own healing energies.

In his late twenties Richard had a deep and profound spiritual awakening which completely changed his perception of the world, and led him on the path of Yoga, Ayurveda and healing. The experience also kindled his latent creative energies and allowed him to develop as an artist, photographer and musician.

He dreams of a world where people live in harmony as conscious co-creators, supporting and nurturing each other, and living in balance with the natural world.

Yoko is a wonderful yoga teacher. I’m yet to find a better teacher than Yoko.

Pat Daly

Kuranda, Australia

My 2 months Yoga experience with Yoko was amazing. I have not found another like her yet.


Kuranda, Australia

Yoko contributes her heart when she gives a massage and the receiver benefits greatly.



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