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Yoko is an intuitive artist, healer, shaman, yogi and mystic. She draws from the elements and the natural world around her to channel creative and healing energy and help those with whom she comes into contact.

She is deeply in tune with nature and uses this connection to bring balance and harmony to the world.

Following health issues, she was drawn to self healing through diet, Yoga and conscious living. She healed herself completely and this led her on the path to become a healer of others. She has always been an enthusiastic artist, and uses her gifts of imagination to see and manifest images from the spiritual and akashic realms.

Yoko has an innate ability to see energy flow within a person, and, through correct alignment and posture correction, can help prana to flow freely within each unique individual. This gift has led to breakthrough work with students in many countries.

“When Prana flows, the spirit shines.” Yoko.


Richard is an artist, shaman and Yogi, who is deeply influenced by the beauty of the natural world and the sounds of nature. He is also a crystal healer, who uses the power and frequency of stones as a magnifier and balancer of his own healing energies.

In his late twenties Richard had a deep and profound spiritual awakening which completely changed his perception of the world, and led him on the path of Yoga, Ayurveda and healing. The experience also kindled his latent creative energies and allowed him to develop as an artist, photographer and musician.

He dreams of a world where people live in harmony as conscious co-creators, supporting and nurturing each other, and living in balance with the natural world.

About Yoko

I’ve known Yoko for a number of years and have witnessed her spiritual growth and awakening first hand. She has transformed so much over this time, and I feel deeply privileged to have witnessed it. I’ve seen her pass through debilitating illness and difficulty, learning through the process to be at one with herself, and becoming the gifted teacher she is today.

Yoko has changed and grown so much. Her students often believe that her talents are genetic or hereditary. This could not be further from the truth. She was a weak child, suffered from constant illness, and grew up in a deeply dysfunctional family.

Being of such a sensitive disposition, she had to protect herself in the only way she could; by putting a shield around herself and becoming introverted and distrustful, withdrawing from the world and those around her. This suffering continued into adulthood, and culminated in the onset of Meniere’s disease, a debilitating illness that causes vertigo, sickness and hearing loss. 

This disease however, ended up becoming her greatest teacher and guiding light. It forced her to examine all of her habits, and led to her radically altering her diet and approach to life. She embraced Yoga, Ayurveda and a holistic approach, transforming her health in the process. Through her practice and the wonderful process of 'letting go', she is now in the position of being a compassionate and gifted teacher and practitioner. Her grace and empathy are clear to those she works and interacts with, and her client’s lives have improved dramatically.

Pingala is Yoko's gift to this planet. In a world of noise and confusion, her peace and compassion are a true treasure, and I cannot speak more highly of her. If you are a true seeker, who desires inner transformation and to embrace health and vitality, Yoko is the teacher for you.

Richard Simpson

Anne Comer


"I was recommended to Yoko for a massage when I visited Bristol in November 2019. I have shoulder injury, neck and back problems. I usually have physiotherapy once a week to help relieve the pain. I had two massage sessions with Yoko. She is very professional and the atmosphere was very calming, with gentle music in the background. After the first massage I had a noticeable difference in the pain level and movement in my neck and shoulders. Two days later I had the second massage session, again very calming and relaxing atmosphere. The following day I had hardly any pain and my neck, shoulders and back had a lot more movement. I drove back to Gosport, which would usually cause me to have restricted movement and pain the next day, but this time nothing. I didn't have to go to the Physiotherapist for 3 weeks.

I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Yoko."


Wakayama, Japan 

"Yoko taught me 'If you don't change the mind the body does not change.' I was in search of sympathy so I was shocked. But she gave me instructions and good details and said 'no rush.'

When I failed I was depressed. I compared myself to other people, had self-hatred and negative thoughts about myself. But I began to see that even my body's problems; I should just feel them and deal with them. It is a process of growth.

Munira, J

Bristol, UK

"One of the best energising and stress relief yoga classes I've ever attended! The stretches were expansive and soothing, and yoko's teaching is beautiful - very supportive. I would highly recommend to everyone!"

Giulia, M

Bristol, UK

"I really enjoy this class. The slow pace of the class, together with Yoko’s feedback (who’s also very nice 😊), allows you to focus on the correct alignment. Although often overlooked, energy and chakras are a big part of the yoga tradition and I’m very happy there is now a class specifically focused on that! Highly recommended 😊"

Roshnita, S

Bristol, UK

"Wonderful class, Yoko really knows her stuff, a great teacher very attentive. I really enjoyed the Chi work. Thank you."

Amy Wilson

Bristol, UK

"Yoko is an intuitive practitioner with knowledge of many disciplines. I have benefitted from her wealth of experience which have broadened my outlook on what I eat, how I can get to know my body better and which ways work best for me."

Pat Daly 

Kuranda, Australia 

"Yoko is a wonderful yoga teacher. I’m yet to find a better teacher than Yoko."


Kuranda, Australia 

"My 2 months Yoga experience with Yoko was amazing. I have not found another like her yet."



"Yoko contributes her heart when she gives a massage and the receiver benefits greatly."

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