Alison, S

Bristol, UK

"Yoko's yoga classes are wonderful. Her teaching style is lovely and she clearly has a lot of expertise on energy work, anatomy, yoga and chakra/meridian systems. I always feel relaxed and peaceful after her classes."

Tiana-Skye, A

Bristol, UK

Really lovely class, to connect you more to your practice. Yoko has a unique approach, highly recommend.

Helen, A

Bristol, UK

Yoko is a really great teacher... her approach to wellbeing is different from many other people I have learned from. Loved the session :-)

Cindy, C

Bristol, UK

Such a wonderful class! My body felt so relaxed after the class, and so was my mind! And Yoko is really a great teacher! Thank you!

Caroline, F

Bristol, UK

Excellent class. Very energizing with fantastic yoga stretches. Highly recommend! I have been doing a month now and can already tell the difference. More flexibility and energy. Thanks Yoko!

Munira, J

Bristol, UK

"One of the best energising and stress relief yoga classes I've ever attended! The stretches were expansive and soothing, and yoko's teaching is beautiful - very supportive. I would highly recommend to everyone!"

Giulia, M

Bristol, UK

"I really enjoy this class. The slow pace of the class, together with Yoko’s feedback (who’s also very nice 😊), allows you to focus on the correct alignment. Although often overlooked, energy and chakras are a big part of the yoga tradition and I’m very happy there is now a class specifically focused on that! Highly recommended 😊"

Roshnita, S

Bristol, UK

"Wonderful class, Yoko really knows her stuff, a great teacher very attentive. I really enjoyed the Chi work. Thank you."

Amy Wilson

Bristol, UK

"Yoko is an intuitive practitioner with knowledge of many disciplines. I have benefitted from her wealth of experience which have broadened my outlook on what I eat, how I can get to know my body better and which ways work best for me."

Pat Daly 

Kuranda, Australia 

"Yoko is a wonderful yoga teacher. I’m yet to find a better teacher than Yoko."


Kuranda, Australia 

"My 2 months Yoga experience with Yoko was amazing. I have not found another like her yet."



"Yoko contributes her heart when she gives a massage and the receiver benefits greatly."

Anne Comer


"I was recommended to Yoko for a massage when I visited Bristol in November 2019. I have shoulder injury, neck and back problems. I usually have physiotherapy once a week to help relieve the pain. I had two massage sessions with Yoko. She is very professional and the atmosphere was very calming, with gentle music in the background. After the first massage I had a noticeable difference in the pain level and movement in my neck and shoulders. Two days later I had the second massage session, again very calming and relaxing atmosphere. The following day I had hardly any pain and my neck, shoulders and back had a lot more movement. I drove back to Gosport, which would usually cause me to have restricted movement and pain the next day, but this time nothing. I didn't have to go to the Physiotherapist for 3 weeks.

I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Yoko."


Wakayama, Japan 

"Yoko taught me 'If you don't change the mind the body does not change.' I was in search of sympathy so I was shocked. But she gave me instructions and good details and said 'no rush.'

When I failed I was depressed. I compared myself to other people, had self-hatred and negative thoughts about myself. But I began to see that even my body's problems; I should just feel them and deal with them. It is a process of growth.

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Clifton, Bristol, U.K.

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