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It’s time to enjoy the sun. The sun is essential for us in many ways; for vitamin D, killing bacteria, light and wave healing, stress relief, improving sleep and mood, and increasing Ojas.

I always write my stories based on my own experiences or my intuition. While living in Japan, I was taught that the sun is very bad for our bodies, so I was using a chemical sunscreen from when I was an early teenager. I can’t believe that now, and also, am not surprised I was so unhealthy.

Most Japanese people still strongly believe that is correct, but now I don’t use chemical products at all, especially sunscreen. I believe that the chemicals in sunscreens can be extremely toxic to the body, and lead to health problems. A lot has been written about this.

I am aware of how much I need the sunlight; my skin is pretty strong now so I can handle quite a lot, but it really depends on the person. I wrote about sunscreen before, so won’t speak about it again here, but after sun exposure, treatment is important as well. Use aloe Vera gel, soothe the skin with oiling and drink enough fluids and use good oil internally.

In Ayurveda we talk a lot about Ojas. It is ‘the subtle essence of all vital fluids, responsible for health, harmony and spiritual growth’. Good Ojas makes a person energetic and increases their lustre and vitality, and it also translates to immunity. I believe this is really important to our health so I recommend this to my clients before detox or diet. Otherwise the body or mind can’t handle big changes.

You can kill your Ojas, but you can also nurture it. Everything is personal choice.

If you already know what Ojas is, a holistic lifestyle can nurture and raise the Ojas very much. Conversely, an unhealthy lifestyle can kill the Ojas. There are a lot of physical things like food, body products and exercise, but most importantly, mind.

Many people believe that what they do is the only way to change - for example, they think, because they don’t smoke, they are OK, but they still have many other problems. I have met many people who live a healthy life, and make good choices, but are obsessive about it, or judge others. This toxic mind can kill Ojas as well.

The most important thing is that we listen to our bodies needs and do the right things at the right time. Even very beneficial things, if done too much can become poisonous. Enjoy everything with joy and no obsession, guilt or judgement.

When you are balanced and healthy, you automatically know when and how much to take or eat. Your mind and ego no longer control you, so you lose interest in unhealthy things even if you think you want them.

That is why we need to connect to our true nature.

I managed to transform my ill body and lose my egoic mind. If I can do it anyone can. It’s never too late. Let’s increase our Ojas!
















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