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Summer solstice and New moon

We had powerful days during the summer solstice and new moon last weekend. Some people felt strong emotions come out, physical pain or strange feelings.

At Pingala Holistic Healing, we had a ceremony for the summer solstice, in which we thanked the sun for abundance, and prayed for peace.

I had a few lessons during the new moon, so we practiced yoga for circulation, connecting within through moon salutations.

‘If you do not go within, you go without’.

In my Chakra Yoga Class, we practiced opening, nourishing and activating the heart and throat chakras. This is not easy because many people are stuck in the base chakras or spend too much time in their mind. Everyone is on their own journey so they had different effects, but they were great classes. We will focus on the 6th and/or 7th Chakras next Monday; it could be difficult or a great experience. I will make sure everyone is safe and there is a good balance.

Thank you everyone for practicing with me. I am very happy to see your transformation.

Last week, I went to a pond in a nearby park. There were so many beautiful insects and creatures. Many vivid, sky blue dragonflies(can you find one on the middle of the photo?) were flying around, little salamanders swimming in the water, super active pond snails, diving beetles, water striders and all kinds of life. I just lost track of time; it was heaven.

We are a part of this magnificent world, it is miracle. Harmony with nature, being conscious every moment and living with only truth. Every moment is teaching us this simple, but most important, thing.

Richard has started teaching a yoga class on Sunday evening! I hope you can feel his gentle, healing energy online.

His class is ‘Grounded Stretch Yoga’. In this relaxing and nourishing class, the focus is on opening up the body: hips, shoulders, neck and hamstrings. The majority of the class is spent on the floor, really grounding into the mat and connecting with the earth.

Thanks and see you all soon.













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