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Yoko's diary

One of my clients told me about her friend who has been ill for some time due to long COVID. She said her friend was so poorly she couldn’t do anything, even talk with her, so she asked me if I had any advice that could help her.

I didn’t know anything about her friend, and she’s not my patient, so it was very tricky, but I gave a couple of pieces of advice to help her immune system as a first step.

A few months later, she told me she’d now managed to talk with her. Her friend had followed my advice and was now getting better.

She was very grateful and said I could help many people with my skills. I appreciate her encouragement so much and it actually made me quite emotional.

Our business is very small and we’ve really just started in the UK. It’s difficult to build the business up without any help or a studio, especially at the current time. Using English is also very difficult for me.

But some regular students are getting a lot of benefit from my classes (to be honest, some people have made a huge improvement), and, like her, have given me some very beautiful and encouraging words.

My partner Richard always tells me I have a lot of skills to help people, it’s just that people who really want to change sometimes find it difficult to find us.

I’m not sure how long I can keep doing this because of financial difficulties, and we definitely need help to grow the business.

But the students are filling my heart, and I would like to keep doing this for them and anyone else who needs my help to become healthier, happier in themselves, and open to new possibilities.

If you would like to see some of the kind words people have said about my classes, some feedback is on our review page. link

I am so grateful to all my students..

Thank you very much.


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