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Private Lessons and Lung Cleansing

We are now taking private bookings as we move out of lock-down and thank you to those who have started taking my private classes.

I am getting used to teaching online and I found some benefits and disadvantages. In my opinion, it is a very useful tool for daily practice, but an actual face to face private lesson is ten times better in many ways, I noticed this a lot after class.

As I wrote in my blog, my speciality is seeing the energy flow inside the body. During online lessons, I am very carefully watching the student’s bodies and correcting energy alignment with my own technique, but I can’t guide very well for several reasons: the camera angle and video quality, the fact they are in a group, or not being able to touch them. It was a massive difference in the actual private lesson; I could see their energy and balance very clearly, and it was much easier to understand them and plan their own practice. They can correct their energy alignment with my touch or without, either way it was much better. I was excited how nice it is to share real good energy. They improved incredibly in one session.

Probably only I can see, when their energy is aligned their eyes and aura change in a single moment; that is one of the greatest experiences on my job.

About Energy Alignment

Some people probably don’t understand the actual meaning, but when you correct your energy alignment, you often feel the release of pain or stagnant energy. When the energy is flowing, positive or negative emotions (a good sign of letting go) comes up or calms the mind.

During the new moon this past week, I taught a Chakra Yoga lesson for the solar plexus. I designed the lesson and guided the students; cleansing, purifying, activating, nurturing and healing whatever they needed. One beautiful lady gave me feedback five days later. She released something that had been trapped around her stomach and now she can breathe and feels much lighter and more energetic. Her face was much brighter, even on the screen. I didn’t know she was carrying that stagnant energy, but I am so glad she could release it. She did very well. It can sometimes take a long or short time, but no problem. Everything has meaning, even pain.

Of course it would be easier during private lessons for most people, but it depends how they take it.

I am planning to focus on lung cleansing in my evening Yoga classes next week. If anybody needs to cleanse their lungs and clear their throat, or are getting tired of wearing masks, let’s purify our body and mind together.












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