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Chakra Yoga Flow Class

I got a couple of good questions from a wise person in my chakra yoga class, and I’d like to share them with anyone who can benefit from them.

In the class, we focus a lot on opening the body and the chakras, and we also circulate energy. After class I was asked if opening the body activates the chakras, and if gymnasts can open their chakras a lot.

I said yes and no. If the person practices gymnastics with energy work and deep connection within, then the answer is yes. If the person only practices with the external, it just becomes a very flexible body.

How you practice is the most important; what type or how long is not so important.

Even in yoga class you can see same thing. If someone focuses on only body or mind, the person is not in good balance and can be insecure. Most people get caught up with only one aspect.

The whole purpose of practicing true yoga is connecting and balancing the body, mind and spirit. Other forms of exercise are usually separate from mind and spirit.

Letting go of your ego; no judgement, no competition, no arrogance. Just allowing for the true self. Let the energy flow correctly. If you open the windows and there is no breeze, the dust doesn’t go anywhere.

How do you know that a chakra is not activated? You can find this in many ways. For example: if you are always tired or lack energy, feel insecure, can’t control negative emotions, feel empty in the heart, lonely, or you can’t express what you feel with pure words. There are many others.

Most people ignore their feelings and emotions; the messages from their own body.

That is why we practice in my class to balance energy and connect with the true nature. When you are balanced and stable you can share your positive energy with anyone who needs it. Nowadays, a lot of people are imbalanced and feel lost. We can spread good, pure energy and make our world beautiful together through our true nature, not through anger or resistance. Be impeccable with your words and make sure you are not a hypocrite. Trust in the power of love!

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