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It is getting autumnal here and my sequences are becoming more grounded and healing in my classes. I create a different yoga sequence for every class, depending on the people, weather and season. This is why regular students get a lot of benefits, not just the physical aspect.

Thank you for joining me, I am very happy to see and practice with such beautiful people.

I used to have many issues like chronic rhinitis, chronic gastritis and more. I had to see a doctor and use medication which didn’t work, but I thought this was normal, and everyone was taking medicine for their own illnesses, so I didn’t question it. I believed that my problems were real, and that’s why nothing was working for me.

I later learned that most of the pain or other issues were created by myself, including stress which was also created by my mind. In fact, it is all just trapped energy. I couldn’t accept this because my pain was real and I had been suffering for many years. I finally managed to accept it and release many issues. It took a long time and lots of effort, especially the emotional pain of embarrassment, disappointment, remorse and fear.

I cured myself fully and I am now sharing how to do this in my classes. It has worked very well for my clients who are ready to receive it. If the person cannot accept, like my old self, it doesn’t work well, but even that is a process on the path.

Last week, a few of my clients told me they had migraines. One client was suffering for five days, and I could see the pain in her face. I usually have a plan for each class like focusing on hips or internal organs, but I changed the sequence to energy moving and self healing.

I used a couple of techniques for moving energy and guiding her to a deeper level of consciousness. During class she wasn’t sure about it and felt uncomfortable, but she tried her best. When the class ended, she said ‘I don’t know how, but it’s gone’. It was a great moment for her and myself; we thanked each other a lot because if she didn’t trust me, nothing would have happened.

I am so glad that it worked but I know that the pain often returns because as soon as the mind comes back, it reminds you of the problems which created the pain, and you disconnect from within. The same student joined my class next day, so I asked her how the migraine was. She said it is very weird, it is no longer a migraine, just a headache, but it moved to her neck, shoulder and elsewhere.

I became confident in my guesswork; it was a kind of energy detox because she’d started to come to my classes and work on her energy alignment a lot. I did another energy release and grounding lesson for her, and five days later, she told me that she’d completely released the pain and had a full smile on her face.

This is a good example of how energy release works, but it doesn’t always work in one session. Some people need more work or a different approach. If you want to cure yourself naturally and truly, you need to be patient. It’s not about how many days or how many times you do it; it is how conscious you are. When you cure the issue fully, it won’t come back, or even if it does you know how to shift it. That is the best thing. Every step you can let go of your fears, blocked emotions and trapped energy.

I am so glad that I could let go of many things and feel lighter, and I’m also delighted to share this with my clients. It is never too late, anyone can do it. If you need our support we are here to help.

















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