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Action or Re-action

Are you acting or re-acting?

When you live in the present moment, you operate from the realm of infinite possibility; What you do in that moment comes from a state of grace and fluidity. Every great work of art, whether it be a painting, composition or sculpture came from that state of grace and connection in the present moment. This is acting from the authentic self.

When we live in our minds, we are re-active; everything we do is based on our previous, learned experiences. In this way we live the same moments again and again and our responses are entirely predictable. We tend to attract the same experiences, becoming trapped in our old thought patterns and living our lives entirely in the past (reliving good or bad moments) or projecting ourselves into the future, toward a moment that is deemed more important than the one we are in. When we do this, we completely miss the present moment where our lives are unfolding.

We’ve all seen the person walking quickly down the street, face clenched, trying to get somewhere while obviously thinking about something else. Maybe they are planning their anticipated future or replaying something that happened previously. Most people are doing this nearly all the time, and while they are stuck in their heads, they are missing everything that is happening around them. When they do get to the future moment they are rehearsing, it is usually not what they anticipated, or they are already busy projecting into the future again.

There is no room for space or grace at this level of consciousness. Moreover, this kind of movement is actually harmful to the earth and its inhabitants, treating everything as a means to an end and missing the deeper connection between yourself and the world around you.

“Strangers passing in the street,

By chance two separate glances meet,

And I am you and what I see is me.”

Pink Floyd

Living on a higher level of consciousness means living predominantly in the present moment. This moment always gets your fullest attention, whatever it brings. There is no resistance. In this way life becomes an active movement of creativity; like a dance. In this moment dwells the infinite; the creative force that moves planets and births stars. When you align with this power, fear disappears, you come alive, and everything begins working for you rather than against you.

“To the mind that is still,

The whole Universe surrenders.”

Lao Tsu

So whenever you remember; whenever you catch yourself projecting into past or future, use it as a wake-up. Come back to yourself. Remember that you are so much more than the thoughts and stories in your head.

Take a deep breath.

Be present.

Cease to re-act.

You are a channel through which the universe can know itself. This is the highest goal and your true purpose on this planet. Yet this can only happen when the mind is still and you are at peace.

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