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The Power of Meditation

At Pingala, we recommend meditation, but most people have no idea what the practice of meditation really means.

Quite simply, being in a meditative state is being present - that really is all there is to it. It sounds so simple doesn’t it? How difficult can it be to be present?

Give it a try. For a few minutes, practice being completely present. Start by putting your attention in your body - feel the energy, the aliveness of it. If your mind starts to chatter, do not resist, just put your attention back into the body. Feel the energy in your feet, your knees; feel your abdomen, chest, hands, shoulders, neck and face. Again, if thoughts arise, ignore them and focus on the feeling.

This is the essence of meditation.

There are so many meditation techniques out there, that they can become a hindrance rather than a help in experiencing your true nature. People can expect to see visions or other such things, yet visions can be distractions from the truth.

Meditation is simply the absence of thought, without commentary or thinking it should be a certain way. These judgments prevent us from experiencing life as it really is, and cut us off from the Source, nature, God, or whatever name one wishes to call it.

Please do not be deterred - practice mindfulness as often as you can. True enlightenment is not a mystical thing, it is simply being here, now.

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