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  • Richard

The Importance of the Here and Now

How difficult is it to stay present? Our minds are like wild horses sometimes, dragging us along for the ride! We know we should pay attention to this moment, yet for some reason we don't; always looking ahead or behind for something of import, when the only thing truly worthy of our attention is what is going on now.

All true spiritual teachings point to the present moment as the key to liberation, and it can not be overstated that the only way to make real change in our lives is to focus our attention as much as possible on the present. This allows us to halt the mental process and access the truth, teaching us who we are and allowing us access our true natures,

There is no single technique for accessing the present moment; it is simply a letting go. A release of the need to control anything, and a cesation in the judgment process. This can begin by simply noticing the mind's preoccupation with judgment - that running commentary that goes on in the mind. Ask yourself the question, 'Who is thinking these thoughts?' And listen intently for an answer. If an answer comes, ask 'Who is answering this question?', and again listen intently. This is self enquiry and it is a powerful tool in getting to the bottom of who you truly are.

In the coming weeks, we will look at other techniques of enquiry, but begin with that simple one. You may be surprised at what you find.

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