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Magic Crystals

So much has been said and written about the use of crystals in healing and energy work, and the internet is full of information about the subject. Personally, I have been working with crystals for some time now, and can vouch for their potency in dealing with all kinds of personal issues, and also protecting, healing, and attracting situations in ones life.

Crystals vibrate at certain frequencies, and, as we open up and allow ourselves to be receptive to their influence, those vibrations can affect us in certain ways.

If you are interested in working with crystals, or feel yourself drawn to them, I would recommend visiting a crystal shop and having a look around to see what attracts you. If you find yourself particularly drawn to a certain stone, then it is likely that this stone will be the right one for you at this time. If you are gifted a stone by someone, then this will also usually be the case.

From there, it will be possible to research the stone using the internet or a book such as 'The Crystal Bible' to learn more about its uses and how it can benefit you.

As you work with crystals, you may find yourself attracting more of them to you, and working with them in a healing capacity through chakra healing and other techniques. Alternatively, you can visit a crystal healer who can also help you in this way. It is important not to merely dismiss crystal healing as new age mumbo jumbo. They truly are alive and can be extremely beneficial in our journeys through this life.

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