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Classes in Bristol

Hi everyone, I finally started teaching Yoga in England!

I was really thinking what kind of class I can give, because I teach many different types of yoga. It really depends on the person, issues, constitution, season etc. but I got some requests so,

every Monday evening 8pm~9pm I will be teaching 'Prana Yoga Nidra'.

I designed this lesson to really open your body and align your energy so prana (life force) runs through properly. This allows your meditation to go deeper. Every time I will give you great mind practice, and other exercises. Actually it's fun!

After the first lesson, everyone already said they slept deeply and felt more positive.

My other class is every Friday morning 10:30am~11:30am 'Hatha Energy Flow'.

This class is much more active and energy building. In this slow conscious flow we deeply focus on energy alignment. I changed my body a lot, so hopefully I can introduce you to this practice and help you towards big changes.

I am very excited to see you and share these times together. Please join me!

If you have any questions send me an e-mail.

We are still looking for the place for our holistic centre. We are sure it will come.

Thank you all

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