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The Full Moon Purification

Hi everyone,

I’ve started teaching Yoga again now, and I’m happy to say I’m teaching the type of classes I specialise in.

I tune into the situation and design my lessons based on what I receive. I always have a good purpose for my classes and that’s why they work very well.

The seasons and the moon are very important. If you are clean and sensitive you can feel them and are affected by them.

14th September is a full moon, and I’ll have a good energy flow yoga on Friday and Purification Prana Yoga on Monday.

I’ll be guiding a special mantra meditation class on Monday 23rd which is the day of the Autumn Equinox. So, for that class, purification and energy work will help you deepen into the mantra meditation.

I am very grateful to have this class in Bristol, because I had the class many times before, and it had amazing affects for everyone.

I’m looking forward to seeing you.


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