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An experience of my student

I had a great full Moon and my lessons were really good. Especially ‘Prana Yoga Nidra‘ which was so effective. I made a water sequence for opening, circulation and detox of the body, mind and spirit. It worked better than I thought.

After this class I had some feedback from my students. They slept very well and their bodies felt so good but this time was very interesting.

One beautiful lady kindly let me sharer her experience (Thank you so much love). She had a vivid dream about a big wave. The wave gave her intense feelings but when it hit her she could breathe so easily. I thought it was a clear message that she can easily deal with difficult situations without getting swept away by her emotions.

Any difficult situation is made by our mind, past experience and misinformation, and everything is how you look at it.

Anyway I will record the water sequence and share. It might help you to reset your emotions and purify. Our minds are so powerful and that’s why we need to reset and purify at the right time and in the right way. We don’t have to carry anything that no longer support us.

I will share the special mantra meditation from next Monday’s class the autumn equinox. It won’t be a normal Nidra class but a great one! Anyone can take this ceremony. If you have mala beads, please bring them. We will have a sound of healing on special day 8pm to 9:15pm.

*Prana Yoga Nidra class move to Monday 6:45pm from 7th October.

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