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Gayatri Mantra Meditation

It was really great mantra meditation on the autumn equinox. Thank you to everyone who came. I hope your experiences were wonderful.

my student made with me

The Gayatri mantra is a very powerful tool for transformation. Through the process of chanting the mantra 108 times, the vibration activates the cells and can lead to profound changes

My experience was very interesting. When I was getting used to the chant, I started to focus on giving my wish to everyone, and then my hands started shaking and green lights were surrounding me. My hands were shaking until the next morning.

In the morning I noticed my skin was much younger.

One beautiful student told me their face changed for the better, and another said they had also felt their hands vibrating strongly, and a powerful healing energy pass through them.

My students requested doing the mantra meditation regularly, so we will.

It was a great practice for letting go and noticing yourself. I burned the unneeded things away after the lesson. The candle was made by my student in Japan. I was waiting for the good opportunity to share the beautiful gift.

We can keep this clarity with regular practice. I’ll make sure all my lessons work well and they are interesting.

*Prana Yoga Nidra class move to Monday 6:45pm from 7th October. I hope it is ok for everyone.

I made some mango chutney that really tasty and

useful. Hopefully I can do some lessons of healthy cooking soon.

And my other lesson on Friday, we practice good slow flow yoga. This class is also important to help you to connect with true self.

I am looking forward to seeing you!


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