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Bone positions can change

I’ve been changing so many of my student’s and my bone positions through yoga practice.

When I was a baby I broke my collar bone so I had had to wear some shoulder Gibbs that made my shoulder really high and weak. I was struggling with so many things and yoga poses. After I managed to change my flat feet to strong feet, I started to focus more on energy work.

It wasn’t easy but It worked great.

Finally after much work my shoulders moved to the correct position but I was in so much pain. I couldn’t move as well as before for half a year. It was really frustrating, but now my shoulder is much stronger and very functional. When the energy runs properly, everything is much better and very joyful.

left; 6 years ago, my spine was caeved

right; after energy work, my spine getting straighter

I am very happy to share my techniques in my yoga class.

Friday 10:30-11:30 am

Monday 18:45-19:45 pm (time changed)

Also they’re available in a private lesson.

It’s really getting cooler so I’m very careful to choose my practice and meals; grounding, nourishing and comfortable with conscious living.

Thank you

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