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Grounding in autumn

There is beautiful yellow and red vegetation and a chill in the air. The autumn is quite difficult to balance the body, mind and spirit because it is so changeable and the rain is not helping us to lift our hearts either.

Now is the time to ground with every meal and living.

One of the most important changes is what you eat. Most people eat similar meals all year. As dry or heavy meals are not ideal and more MSG and table salt is even worse.

Japanese soba and veg rice

We need clean nourishing meals. I cook most things from scratch because it is safer, good for the environment and live. For grounding I cook soup, stew, curry or soup noodles. Whole vegetables give nutrition (especially root vegetables) plus my love. They are definitely effective for my health.

And I practice good energy circulation yoga. Some powerful and deep stretch sequences and calming meditation like candle meditation.

own blend herb tea

Also a hot bath with magnesium and lavender oil; nice herb tea like rooibos or tulsi chai and foot massage with sesame oil is a good choice.

These things should not be a special event; it is ancient knowledge for daily activities.

I’ll try to teach grounding yoga in my classes at Breathe Bristol.

This Friday (10:30-11:30am) we will focus on hamstrings by request. I’ll tell you many different approaches in Sun studio.

Monday( 6:45-7:45pm) we start with gentle yoga and simple meditation in Earth studio.

Also private lessons and treatments are available.

If you have any questions please contact us.


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