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In yogic philosophy, Sattva means pure quality of the three gunas. We always need to balance these in our everyday lives.

Sometimes our body, mind and spirit build toxicity and ego. This happens very, very slowly so it’s not always possible to notice and we miss the signs and negative cycles.

Also, naturally, our bodies start to put on dead weight for the winter, but if our food is not good and we don’t sweat enough, our bodies carry heavy things; the mind becomes foggy and we can’t hear the voice of our spirit.

So I gave the lesson of sattva on Monday evening last week.

A purifying Mantra and lotus Mudra meditation really opened bodies and hearts, and I noticed everyone’s energy circulated much better. I then gave some reiki healing for each particular person.

One student told me that when I gave reiki to her she felt really hot in the part that needed healing.

I will keep working on Prana for everyone.

It is important to keep purifying our body mind and spirit through yoga, meditation, pranayama; basically the 8 limbs and especially to consume sattvic meals.

Use natural and seasonal nutritious ingredients, balance the five tastes and don’t overcook; cook from scratch, then meals are gentle, easy to digest and very tasty.

left: vegan clam chowder and sourdough bread, trust me it is very similar taste and texture.

below: homemade Kombucha and home remedy for throat; fermented kinkan honey

my art 'Balasana'

It seems harder to let go of foggy or egotistical mind because we get easily caught up with the outside world. That’s why we need many approaches for a better state.

Same food, same practice and same mantra for a long period dulls our mind.

Sattvic life helps to shed something we don’t need and bring something we do need.

A great timing is coming for detox on Monday because of the new moon. We have only a few places left so if you want to join us for new moon yoga and meditation please book soon.

Also, on Friday morning, we will practice more physical energy alignment.

Right: we practiced titibasana on Friday

I am sorry to tell you that I will have to cancel my classes from 15th November to 5th December.

Reiki sessions are available. Please contact me to make a booking.


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