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Travel and Growth

I am very sorry for cancelling my classes and not taking any sessions for the last 4 weeks because of travelling, but I had some experiences through my practices which could be interesting for those seeking a healthy life.

We are always seeking some practice and learning about holistic healing so wherever we go we do our best. Sometimes it’s very difficult but everything is a great teacher. This time we went to Mauritius which is a very tropical island but fortunately or unfortunately we didn’t feel what we imagined. Therefore, we decided to spend time on our bodies and minds. We got up early every morning and did some qigong, some work on our business,, yoga practice and I cooked pretty much every meal.

This routine made us very clear and energetic! I always try to be on a healthy path but it is not so easy because of my situation at the moment (this is my excuse anyway).

Healthy meals Are particularly difficult, but the most important things are; no MSG, some Ayurvedic and mostly vegan. This affected our body and mind. I had so many experiences and some miracles before, when I was offering lunch after yoga in Japan, and thankfully everyone gave me great results. I didn’t forget but I haven’t had the chance to serve or teach since I came to the UK. This time away strongly reconfirmed how important it is. We are what we eat and the Ayurvedic method; food is medicine is so true.

I didn’t take my spices but I did my best.

Good fat, good oil and nutritious, suits the weather; easy to digest, cleansing the gut and super tasty are my focus points for cooking. The result is a very clear mind, body becomes light, more energy in the body, no longer craving junk food and unhealthy sweets, every organ becomes more functional. The body becomes fit, calm and happy feeling. I noticed that this is what happened to Richard and me during this travel at least.

Richard felt much more energised through eating a mostly plant-based diet, and more than ever it’s becoming apparent that this type of diet is very beneficial to health and wellbeing. Not only does it make the body lighter and more energetic, reducing inflammation and the risk of a multitude of diseases, it’s also far kinder to the planet as a whole. In the current climate, with all the talk of impending environmental collapse, the switch to a predominantly plant-based diet is the greatest change that most individuals could make to drastically reduce their carbon footprint. Anyone who lectures about the environment and continues to eat a predominantly animal-based diet surely cannot be taken seriously.

We understand that this change can be a challenge, but we are here to help you through nutritional advice and showing just how delicious and varied a plant-based diet can be. There is so much to gain from making this change, and we hope we can help you with this.

When the energy is good, everything goes well and becomes more joyful. Life is a process of flow and ease, and that is central to everything we teach and share at Pingala; when your body, mind and spirit are in harmony, you can be the true expression of life that you were created to be. It is our joy and pleasure to help people to tune into that beautiful energy and share it with others.

I am very grateful to have a few sessions and private lessons now I am back. I am happy to share with anyone who wants to be healthy my energy and experiences. We thought it might help for the daily practice that we started to share some Yoga videos on YouTube as Pingala Holistic Healing. I am sorry for my terrible English but the sequence and choreography should be good, I made them carefully to flow good energy well. I really hope you enjoy them. I’ve linked to a moon salutation sequence below, but please subscribe to our channel, as there are more to come in the future.

I will teach Prana Yoga Nidra on Monday evening from 6.45-7.55 at Breathe Bristol this year (only three times left). 23rd December is the day of the winter solstice so we are going to have a special lesson again by request, Mantra Meditation! It will be a great time to purify and surrender before Christmas then we can embrace a wonderful new year. If you would like to join please let me know. Thanks.

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