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The Dream of Division

It would be easy to look at the last decade, 2010-2019, as a period of time where the fragmentation of the human race was brought into even starker contrast. In the U.S.A. Donald Trump called for a wall separating their country from Mexico, while in the UK, Brexit has seen an island people torn apart through inner conflict, and a seemingly greater division of the continent as a whole. At this time, the notion of a growing, compassionate, enlightened new consciousness seems further away than ever.

As people become more immersed in digital devices, and more entrenched in their belief systems, where is the new dawn, so promised by new age speakers, gurus and spiritual teachers?

When we look at the universe as a whole, we must see this behaviour as an imperative stage of human evolution. In fact, it seems increasingly apparent that things will get ‘worse’ before they get ‘better’. Of course, these notions are merely arbitrary concepts, and from a higher perspective there is no good and bad; all is unfolding as it should in order to facilitate the awakening of consciousness on the scale necessary to transform life as we know it, and move forward into the true new-age. This can be very difficult to see when there is so much anger and fragmentation visible around us.

So what can we do to facilitate this movement? The first and most important thing is to learn to watch the mind and become non-reactive. Whenever we believe that an outcome should be a certain way, we open ourselves up to reactivity. This can occur in every factor of our lives, and is especially obvious in our relationships. If we watch our thoughts, and let go of desired outcomes, life can flow much more freely because we are no longer dependent on other people for our sense of peace. The same thing applies to any situation. It is considered ‘normal’ to display outrage at the seeming insanity in the world, yet the anger itself is a construct, a belief that the world (other people) should be behaving in a certain way; a way that we believe it should be acting. But why should it be acting that way? Can you really see the complete picture? Is it actually possible that all this suffering and confusion is necessary from a higher perspective, and that it is leading towards something? Remember that your viewpoint is just that, a localised viewpoint of a dynamic whole. The wave does not know the movements of the whole ocean, just as you do not know the movements of the whole universe.

When we become angry due to the behaviour of others, we also become unconscious; we project ourselves into the future, creating tension in the body and breeding unhappiness and dissatisfaction within ourselves and those around us. Your purpose on this planet is not to be an angry, reactive person, but rather to awaken to your true nature, and facilitate the greater transformation of humanity. This is done through compassion and non-judgment, by allowing things to be, and not reacting to every situation as though it is your enemy and the enemy of everything. This is true enlightenment, and peace within.

So begin to watch your mind. The next time someone does something that garners a reactive feeling within you and you feel the urge to respond in an angry way, be mindful. Feel the emotion completely and allow it to pass through you. This is the path to inner peace and the most important practice on your way to freedom.


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