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Full moon eclipse

How did you spend your time during last night’s full moon? It was the first full moon in 2020 and a partial eclipse.

For me, it was a great time to focus on myself. I practiced qigong and Yoga with a clear intension, clearing mind and body, circulating earth energy through myself, the world, the moon and the universe. I sorted out what I needed to do and be with my affirmations.

I made some full moon water with a crystal transcription. It is a very pure and powerful tonic, so I will share with my students in the Monday 13th class.

It will be called ‘balance and harmony’. The world needs it, so why not start within? I think everything is all about balance and harmony.

I am making some good things as usual. I’ve been sharing with my students and they had awesome benefits.

Most recently I shared kombucha- home-made is the best!

I love to make fermented foods, it is very interesting to watch their growth. One of my favourites is an enzyme syrup with fruits and vegetables. (Photo; pomegranate, turmeric lemon and apple, kaki)They are so tasty, easy, great for the body and have many uses.

We have been teaching for over ten years. I know so many vegan, vegetarian people but sadly most of them are junk food vegetarians or MSG vegans. Most important is healthy rather than vegetable only. The way to cook and what you use makes so much difference. No MSG, and nutritious brings up their benefit!

Someday I hope I can do my workshop for healthy recipes. In other countries I taught them many times, so if you are interested please let me know.

I am looking forward to seeing you on Monday class or for a private lesson.


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