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Recent activities

The time goes so quick. The last few weeks have been very interesting for me because of the variety of work on offer. Sometimes Reiki healing, oil healing, private yoga lessons, online holistic lessons and my weekly Prana yoga class. I felt more trust and connection with everyone who took my session or class. I feel a growth of community. Thank you everyone who shared positive energy with us.

About Monday class 6.45-8 pm at Adona centre :

At the beginning of this month we did a foundation of the energy; at this time the energy work is very important and can be powerful. I saw everyone was feeling their own energy and physical body. It is very good to connect with yourself.

Last week we had a very, very relaxing but deep energy healing practice. It was nice to start building clean energy for the spring detox.

The lesson on the 27th will be a foundational one again to start creating NEW high quality energy supported by the new moon that just passed.

Thank you beautiful people who gave me great feedback and practiced with our moon salutation video on YOUTUBE. I hope you enjoyed the great new moon.

I spent time with good vegan cooking, making pickles and of course meditation and energy practice. Also time for channeling with shamanic mugwort tea.

Yoko’s Izakaya! Healthy vegan tapas.

Marined cloud ear mushroom salad with fermented syrup and apple cider vinegar dressing.

Potato and avocado mush with broccoli.

Fried Tofu and Nori sea vegetable.

Ayurvedic purple cabbage thoran, flaxseed on top.

A lot of Vegetable fried noodle with own made vegan Kimchi.

Own made purple sauerkraut.

Apple cider vinegar and raw honey Picles.

pueple carrot and red paprika.

Shamanic Tea. It gives a lot of dreams. Sometimes very intense but very helpful for my channeling.

I hope to see you on Monday night. As always, I am available for private therapy sessions if you need me.

Love and Namaste.

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