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In the last couple of weeks, I received some good feedback and I’d like to share it with you.

We started to work on spring detox in my Prana Yoga Nidra class in February.

During the first week, we did purification and cleansing that gently helped the healing process. We connected to the Earth and absorbed the Sun’s energy that made us feel safe and nurtured. We released trapped heat in the head and connected with the stillness within. Intestinal self massage moved things out physically over the next few days.

In the second week, I made a sequence for blood and lymph circulation. It was a gentle but good foundational one. It was a wet and cold day so we worked on the grounding and centering aswell. After the lesson, the students felt super thirsty as unusual it’s like looking for the oasis. Next day, they had a sign of flushing out toxins.

When the energy moved properly, everyone was almost surprised at their own energy. Thank you and great work everyone.

Third week... I haven’t decided what we will work on yet, but good energy work and detoxification of body and mind.

In the session, my clients and me have really good connection more and more so it is getting easier to work on the healing and the process is much faster. We share good energy. It is a lovely exchange. For example, they gave me very nice tea and I shared some my own home made remedies.

My session is not cheap but my after care is even more than the actual session. Sometimes I do remote Reiki healing that works on some level and is a good excuse to do deep meditation practice for them also myself.

An interesting one was the Japanese Tea Ceremony. I am not professional but I can make Macha tea and we did a very casual Japanese Tea Ceremony. It was great; more than I thought. We had great tea and healthy cake, focused on conscious movement and talked about meditation and harmony, It was real ZEN time. I would like to do this regularly so if anyone is interested please let me know.

I am looking forward to seeing and sharing time with everyone who comes to my class, session and even online lesson.

Thank you


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