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Spring detox and a wonderful report again

For a few months, I have been working on and teaching detox in spring time. Mine was done. It was an uncomfortable time of course, a few spots on my face and my weak parts hurt etc. Anyway I am so glad to pass the heavy spring detox and I feel lighter and cleaner. Richard and a few my clients also had some detox symptoms and they also feel much better they said.

I have been practicing, teaching and offering classes about being healthy and clearing the mind for a long time. A few people took my words seriously and practiced a lot. They are calm and understand more now. My life has not changed much from teaching only online.

One great example, again! One of my beautiful students gave me one part of her result. If you had my private lesson, you know how our feet are important. Our feet are our foundation and root so I often teach “open toes and stand strong”. She had never dismissed my advice and she got great benefits. Thank you for sending us photos and report that helps everyone a lot.

← Before, February 2019

Now, April 2020→

She had some problems with her feet as they were always swelling and she had an ingrowing nail. Look at her feet now! No swelling and her nail is much better, also a great side affect is the beautiful colour and shape.

Well done! Keep going!

I am practicing yoga, meditation and Ayurveda every day, cooking and eating healthy meals as usual. It is not vegan or any category, I don’t eat meat for the respect of life, my health and hygiene, but if I must I really appreciate it. I avoid unnatural things such as MSG.

I am also growing some vegetables and herbs even in a pot, and making something as usual

(at the moment I am making a potato bag) etc.

Holistic Living is one of the keys to the door of awakening. If we have a healthy body, clear mind and calm heart, nothing can control us.

Keep our minds clear and eyes open, do not fight, negative emotion create more negativity. Just go deeper within and stay with your pure being. There is so much noise out there but try to see only the truth with your pure heart, not your noisy mind.

Look at the mirror and smile, look at the world with the third eye.

If anything you need to fix or change, it is the time to do it or just being is much better. If you need help, I am here for you.

If you are having our private lesson or sessions, we are going to have a free class once a month. Please let us know when is good timing, we will consider as much as we can.













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