• Yoko

Positive or negative

I wrote ‘Bone positions can change’ in my blog on 6th October 2019, and also about how my private student managed to change her feet in the last blog. How important it is to correct our body and mind’s alignment and how easy it is to let our body and minds slip into a negative pattern.

Most people (I did) spoil their body and mind. Born with weakness, sustaining injuries or accidents etc. Everything is a good excuse for not facing the self. I was terrible; I made all kinds of excuses and blamed others. I was angry, hurt, ashamed and whatever other negative emotions you can think of. Since I awakened and realised myself, I started to see the energy inside me, and when the energy moves correctly, other parts of the body and mind automatically improved and moved into alignment.

If you are caught up with only the structure of the body, you need to look at the big picture; holistically, all things are connected and affected, good or bad.

It sounds like I am only talking about the body, but I’m also talking about the mind and spirituality.

I would say energy alignment is the most important aspect to improve everything.

I recently got a message from a Japanese student that filled me with joy because she understood it.

She asked me about online classes and if the timing is good, because she wanted to join. I get this type of mail a lot but it often doesn’t happen. I understand, and it’s the person’s own choice anyway, so I don’t usually expect anything. But she surprised me and joined my class the other day and sent me a message after the class: “I was a bit worried about my first online class but I did it! I noticed many things and I joined Yoko’s class without any excuse!” She got it!

Another good example: this person has been working on her energy in my private lessons for a few months in Bristol. The first time I met her she was very worried about many things and had so many issues. She didn’t like any strength type of poses and balances. Most recently her comment after my morning class, which is quite an invigorating ‘Hatha Energy Flow’, was “I could do the side plank (quite a strong balance pose) without a problem.”

Now they are so positive I can hear from them; “I feel I’ve improved.”, “A good start to the day!”, ” It’s exciting to continue!”, “I’m feeling so good” and so many other positive words. Of course we are still having ups and downs but a great process is underway that is so amazing.

I thank you beautiful ladies for your efforts and allowing me to support you.

I found another photo of myself where you can see the change of my shoulder position. Like I wrote before, my shoulders weren’t correct and I suffered for a long time. After a lot of work, I managed to fix it.

↑ September 2014, It was my best pose, and I thought that was it, but my shoulders were high and stiff.

↓ November 2019, If you can see now, my energy is very strong and natural, and shoulders are more relaxed.

It wasn’t easy but I did it. Now many things are much easier. I feel I can work more on my shoulders, but there’s no rush. I am enjoying the process a lot.

Our bodies respond to either positive or negative energy. When your energy is in alignment, you can feel it and notice a lot of good things. It starts changing the body, mind and sprit.

Which way would you like to take, positive or negative? Do or do not? It’s not too late; now is the best timing. Do not think about your past and future; time does not exist, you only exist now.

I am not special and can not do it for you but I can guide you to be whatever you want to be and share the experience and joy.

I have a free, 40 minute online class for everyone who wants to join for the New Moon on Thursday 23rd April at 11:30am. The new moon is a great time to reset and restart. Please contact me if you’d like to join so I can send you the Zoom link.

Also, a reminder that my ‘Hatha Yoga Energy Flow’ class is from 10:00-10:40am weekdays and 6pm on Wednesday; ‘Deep Stretch Energy Flow’ class is from 8:00-8:40pm on Wednesday and Sunday, and ‘Self-massage Energy Flow’ class is from 8:00-8:40pm on Friday. If you are interested please let us know or book through our booking page.

If you have any requests for classes regarding time, date, or style, we will definitely consider them so please, send us your ideas!