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My Speciality

I have been teaching online group yoga lessons for over a month, and we changed the level and time length of a few classes.

My speciality is seeing the energy flow inside of the body.

It is a great gift but also a curse because I can feel really uncomfortable if the energy is not clear and flowing correctly. Anyway, I am very good at teaching alignment privately.

Some classes are advanced yoga asana classes now (please check the level when you book). There may be less interest now, but often people need proper alignment of energy and at least they are facing themselves on one level. Personally I recommend starting with proper energy alignment because the process will be much easier, but you probably cannot notice fully until you get to a certain level. Like I said, body, mind and spirit are linked, even levels of strength, flexibility and balance. How much are you conscious of the outside and inside together in every moment?

At the moment, we are offering quite a few group online lessons and sometimes, if you are lucky, they happen to be a private lesson.

I recently taught some very satisfying lessons, ‘Advanced Energy Flow’ and ‘Deep Stretch Energy Flow’ both happened to be private lessons, so I gave good energy alignment for them. One girl was very advanced and from a ballet background but I told her about energy block points and shapes, she was surprised because her camera was broken so I couldn’t see her at all. It is difficult to teach to one big letter on my screen.

Another girl was also pretty advanced and she was good; she asked me good questions which means she is focusing on herself. I gave her a lot of tips about how to take proper alignment. Many times she said “it makes sense!”, but moreover something special happened. I asked her if the Wheel pose is in her practice? She said “I try but my shoulders and back are not open enough, so I never succeed. I told her I didn't think so, and her arms need to be in the correct alignment. So I taught her how to do it, and she tried and did it in one try without any pain. She was so excited! That made me realise that is my great gift and the joy of this path.

When energy-alignment is correct you don’t feel any resistance, pain, heaviness or fear; you can breathe better, go into the pose deeper, lighter, stronger and actually feel more comfortable.

Most people give up too early, go to the easy path, or try to push through in Yoga asanas, meditation and all kinds of spiritual experience because wanting the outcome too much. I can give my knowledge and teachings at their level. When they move on to the next level I can give more. Of course I am learning and developing myself every time, it is the beauty of the endless process.

We made a Japanese page and will teach some yoga lessons in Japanese, so anyone interested in learning yoga and Japanese together, or to connect with a Japanese Yogi, it is on the timetable in Japanese but you are very welcome to join us.

We are making a few videos in English (apology for my English) on the video page and in Japanese on the 日本語 page separately, so please use them for your daily practice. Also if you haven’t already, please subscribe and comment on it. We are looking forward to seeing you or hearing your words.





















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