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Self Massage Energy Flow Class

It was my unique idea to create a ‘Self Massage Energy Flow Class’ which combines self massage with some energy exercises. It was probably a bit too unique, so it was difficult to make it happen, but I pushed strongly because I thought it would be really useful and nourishing.

There are hundreds of classes, so it is very difficult to decide what type, time or level. It is also difficult to pick a class for everyone looking for good classes.

But my intuition is usually correct.

I don’t have a big number yet, but people who join the class are beginning to understand what is important now:

Our body is our vehicle; we need to maintain it in many ways.

Our body is alive, our skin needs nourishment with our hands.

Our body is connected with mind and soul; they affect each other.

The class usually starts with a little sharing of knowledge; for example, it is windy today so if you feel dryness or anxiety, I can suggest this type of oil, nourishing meals and holistic practices. Then we go through a whole body massage lightly with breathing; already the body gets warm, and mid way through some big movements for circulation and opening the body more. Finally we do some massage/exercise on one specific part.

I realised this class is so beneficial and can connect heart to heart if taken seriously.

It is obvious, but I didn’t think there would be so many good side effects.

When our skin is nourished with our own healing hands, a positive signal spreads through the whole body and the nerves becomes calmer, the muscles become relaxed and joints become smoother. The blood, lymphatic system and energy starts circulating which processes the toxicity out and renews the skin.

It also rejuvenates the body, makes you smile, opens the mind and helps the spirit shine brighter.

Sometimes I forget how important and how effective it is.

I asked one lady recently “You look great, what happened?” And she said she practiced the face exercises I taught her every day! We laughed a lot.

I am so happy to do this class every week and to see their change every time.

Next week I will focus on belly-fat and gum massage.

I hope to see you in my class!





















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