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Firstly I would like to say thank you beautiful ladies who joined my classes on Friday.

During this uncertain time, less people are joining the classes. It’s difficult for me but i understand very much.

Thankfully still a few wise people keep taking my lessons and give me some very positive words.

It was a new moon yesterday and I had a few booking for each classes.

Recently the numbers have been down and I have been thinking too much, but I remembered they are looking forward to my classes so I thought I would give everything for them. Again I looked into myself and sorted out my mind, that’s what I needed.

The lessons are so good. The feeling and atmosphere is just what I intended for many years.

In yoga class we did some moon saltations, authentic deep stretch, and energy movement. In massage class we did a lot of talk with lymphatic massage. I felt an understanding for the deep state, care and help each other with love in each class. Although the number is not a lot, what we need now is love more than ever. Unconditional love.

Sometimes we know what we need to do or be, but can’t find any motivation and energy, especially in this situation. The bad thing is, even you don’t know what you want.

My students told me that is why they are coming to me. To be motivated; learning and practicing in a holistic and authentic way. It made me so relieved they are actually appreciating my lessons and taking them seriously. I will keep teaching and practicing for them and anyone who needs help, all over the world. My language is not great but we can communicate and understand if you are open because we have pure love.

It is getting difficult to find holistic and natural healing sites with authentic practitioners, but if you, or anyone who you know need help, let us know.

When I am feeling grumpy, I do some sun bathing with some plants, looking after vegetables and making bath bombs. They are a great healer for me. Someday we can make something nice together, even online. I think it is nice to have a project; something we can look forward to, so if you have any ideas, please let me know!


Lovely Vegetable Farm

Kitchen cleanser, Air freshener and Bath-bomb

















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