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Winter Solstice and Christmas

Thank you for everyone who supported me and Pingala Holistic Healing in 2019. Recently a few people gave me great feedback; some about the years work, some instant benefit. For either one I am so happy to see their great changes. I will share their feedback some day, they are beautiful stories and filled my heart.

Last Mondays class was a special lesson because it was the day after the winter solstice. We had the 108 times Gayatri Manta Meditation. The high Vata (busy and floating) energy makes us not grounded and the sunlight is so short that it gives us low energy.

I tried to make the mantra meditation simple this time. It has so much to tell but sometimes too much information can make our minds noisy.

We started with a modified sun salutation which I created for grounding and opening the whole body, mind and chakras. Then we did chant the chanting.

I think we felt something great and did what we needed to be done for RENEWAL. The vibration works amazingly well; my hands vibrated before sleep, the vibration can change our cells and old bad habits.

I also gave each person a good swipe with my aura cleanser. It was such a powerful event; I am so glad I got some requests for it.

Next week on the 30th It is going to be incantation class for anyone to take. It will be some heart cleansing and purification.

I hope everyone had a wonderful time for Christmas. It is a very difficult time to be healthy I guess, so I’ve been cooking some Christmas healthy vegan menus.

For example Molokheiya soup with gyoza, (Molokeheiya is actually a summer vegetable but it has so many benefits and uses anyway, and is one of my favourites) and Christmas vegan Roast: a lot of vegetables and tofu & nut Roast

They were so colourful, tasty, nutritious and filling for the heart and stomach. Please take care of your health and stay young!

Hopefully see you soon.

And a happy new year!


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