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New Year’s resolution

Happy New Year 2020!

I spent most of the time on my own and did a lot of practice over Christmas and New Year. It was so good to maintain myself and tune in to the higher frequency.

As I introduced my client’s feedback in my previous blog, they gave me more good news with some photos in the New Year. They are much brighter and lighter. I have a feeling it will be a great transformative year and our Pingala resolution is to support their transformation. What is your new year resolution? If you need our support please let us know.

Our YouTube video “Mountain Slow Flow”, which is a yoga and qigong practice for grounding and activating the whole body, is now available to view. It is an intermediate level sequence.

I teach private lessons and sessions mainly but I also teach a yoga class at Adona (formerly Breathe Bristol). My class name is ‘Prana Yoga Nidra’ and it is 6.45pm to 8.00 on Monday evenings. Prana Yoga Nidra is very unique, combining qigong, yoga and many different techniques and focusing on the Prana; energy purification and circulation, and guiding to a deeper state of mind, so every time the sequence is quite different. If you are interested please join us with an open mind.

I would like to show some photos from the beautiful lady who is taking my class and sessions; they are very artistic photos.

goodness it's made of

I made a Bath Bomb for her after-care and healing session. I am grateful that she used it so consciously.

It’s a very happy start to 2020. Thank you all who I am connecting with and I will be connecting with in the future.

I have my way of thinking and let me share it with you. For example; there are five oranges and two people to share. How do they share them? two and three, two and half each? I think one orange each and three for other people. This is just a metaphor… Trust, Share and be grateful.


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